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KPPD-Szczecinek S.A. is one of the largest timber producers in Poland. The enterprise produces annually 250,000 m3 of pine timber in 9 softwood sawmills and 30,000 m3 of beech and oak timber in 2 hardwood sawmills.

The company invests in modern technologies, mainly in further processing of sawn timber – drying, planing, gluing, impregnation and steaming. Each sawmill has drying chambers (with a single feed of approx. 7000 m3), and five softwood sawmills have autoclaves for pressure impregnation of timber with a modern chrome-free impregnant – Wolmanit CX-10 (green and brown).

We sell wood products both on the domestic market (about 70% of production) and foreign (about 30% of production). The domestic recipients are producers of building carpentry, furniture factories, commercial warehouses, producers of garden program, producers of glued goods, carpentry and impregnation centers for railway sleepers.
The main export products, sent mainly to the European Union and Asia, are dried pine timber, terrace boards made of softwood (pine, larch) and glued boards made of hardwood.

Orders from individual customers are carried out by Warehouse in Koszalin. Many years of experience, high level of technical equipment and professional staff guarantee high quality of products and on-time deliveries. The company processes FSC-certified timber and is authorized to issue a CE certificate for construction timber and an IPPC certificate.

In 2002, the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 was introduced.



A modern company that reacts responsibly to market changes and creates directions in the use of wood in particular industries, lobbying / promoting the use of wood as a natural product.


KPPD-Szczecinek S.A. is a significant European producer of sawn timber and wood products, operating in an environmentally friendly manner, creating added value for its stakeholders.


Creation of a strong economically and innovative company, effectively using material and non-material resources to build a sustainable competitive advantage on global wood product markets.


KPPD-Szczecinek S.A.

ul. Waryńskiego 2
78-400 Szczecinek


NIP: 673-000-62-31
KRS: 0000059703

Rejestr Bazy Danych o Produktach: 000015355

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