Basic information

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Our company - KPPD-Szczecinek S.A. is a company working on wood, sawmill and garden market. KPPD-Szczecinek S.A. consists of 15 plants spaced in the east part of Western Pomerania District, i.e.:

  • 9 softwood sawmills: in Czaplinek, Drawsko Pomorskie, Kalisz Pomorski, Krosino, Łubowo, Manowo, Sławoborze, Świdwin and Świerczyna,
  • 2 hardwood sawmills: in Kołacz and Wierzchowo,
  • plant producing beech and oak glued boards in Białogard,
  • 2 warehouses: in Koszalin and Szczecinek,
  • company’s seat and company’s Office is localized in Szczecinek.
  • Company also owns summer camp facility in Dźwirzyno as well as Technical-Trade Warehouse in Szczecinek.
  • The Company has a holding-like organizational structure. The units are largely independent in terms of size and profile of production and sales, price setting and client servicing. All the units run their own accounting and function on the rights of self-financing and self-dependence.
  • The Office of the Company supervises and coordinates activities of all the units. It services both foreign clients and big domestic customers. All marketing, public relations, computing, finance, legal issues, investment, technology and environment protection activities are also concentrated in the Office of the Company.

Strategy and plans for future - In the future conditions of economic macro environment will have a substantial influence on the Company results mainly the general state of Polish and European economy affecting directly the sales of company products.

Although, there are some positive trends on the market they will not have pronounced effect on company activities because of its dependency on EURO exchange rate and monopolistic prices of forest raw material.

Because of sales dependency on exchange ratios the Company will flexibly react by increasing and decreasing export sales.

In the field of development the Company will continue to change its production structure from simple wood processing to further wood processing, broadening the products offer and specialization of individual plants.

Under suitable conditions the Company intends to modernize the sawmilling production lines in softwood and hardwood plants and increasing the production of hardwood glued boards, in following years, starting from 2007.