History of The Company

Koszalińskie Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Drzewnego with its head office in Szczecinek was created as a result of reorganization of a state company named Region of the Timber Industry in Szczecinek which was established on the strength of Act of Forestry Ministry dated 1 January 1950. 

On 18 April 1964, the company name was changed to Regional Company of Timber Industry by The Ministry of Forestry and Wood Industry. 

On 1 January 1969 on the strength of The Ministry of Forestry and Wood Industry, the Company merged with Regional Company of Timber Industry in Słupsk and Timber Sales Office in Szczecinek, took over their assets and kept its present name.

On 1 July 1975, as a result of a new administration division of Poland, the company was divided into three branches. Out of the divisions placed on the territory of Koszalin province Koszalin Wood Industry Company ( Koszalińskie Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Drzewnego) with its head office in Szczecinek was created on the strength of The Ministry of Forestry and Wood Industry.

On 15 February 1995, Ministry of Privatization changed legal status of the company from a state company to sole proprietorship State Treasury company which on 1 June 1995 was listed in Trade Registry run by Commerce Court in Koszalin under the name "Koszalińskie Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Drewnego Spółka Akcyjna".

On 16 January 1996, 60 per cent of the company's shares Ministry of Privatization transferred to the National Investment Funds (NIF) of which 33 per cent was taken over by 10th NIF - later called FOKSAL NFI S.A.

On 28 June 1996 the State Treasury commissioned the company to make accessible at no charge 15 per cent of the company's shares to the eligible employees and the remaining 25 per cent was left under the State Treasury authority. According to an act of Annual Shareholder Meeting dated 9 October 1997 the share capital of the company was increased by emission of series B shares. This additional emission was distributed among present shareholders. It has substantially changed the structure of shareholders. The majority package owned by NFI Foksal S.A raise to about 55 per cent.

On 14 August 1998, the Company was permitted to go public by the Stock Exchange Commission and since then the company has a status of a public company. 

In May 2000 the company was granted FSC certificate (the system of origin of products control) which refers to using of wood for own production from certified forests.

On 15 November 2002 the company was approved a quality certificate ISO 9001:2000.

On 15 January 2003, the company shares debuted at CeTo market. 

On 17 April 2003 there were significant changes in the company shareholders structure, Previously biggest shareholder NFI Foksal S.A sold to a management-employee company Drembo Sp. z o.o. all its shares of KPPD-Szczecinek S.A which amounted to almost 49 per cent of initial capital. 

On 5 September 2007 the State Treasury seized to be a company shareholder - answering the stock call of Kronospan Holdings Ltd with head office in Cyprus sold the whole pack of company shares amounting to almost 16 per cent of its initial capital. 

On 17 October 2007 the company debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company was qualified to wood industry sector under the name of KPPD (symbol KPD).

On 28 April 2008, has changed the most significant investors. Kronospan Holdings Ltd. from Cyprus, sold a whole shares pack representing 21.71% of share capital to its subsidiary Kronospan Szczecinek Sp. z o. o.